Saturday, May 05, 2007

out of commission

it's official. Lookout kids has come to an end.

I'm leaving for Norway for a couple months and Kyrie wanted to start her own page. We parted on good terms, don't worry. We've just decided to venture out on our own.

wish us luck :)

visit Kyrie at:


visit Sienna at:

(josiah, you mind taking LookoutKids off the Covblogs listing and add these two instead? Thanks man.)

looking into the future...

(totally jk-ing!)

Friday, May 04, 2007

the fam:

(last summer)

SummerTime has officially begun.

Photobooths are a howard tradtion/obsession. I really hope Norway has a photo booth machine or my summer just won't be complete.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

no longer freshman.

Our dear friend, Chelsey, took us to the airport at 6am and Papa picked us up in Baltimore this afternoon. We stopped by old navy on the way home and Papa bought Kyr and I each a bouncy ball of our very own. If you havn't seen the bouncy ball commerical we blogged about please go watch it. You'll never look at bouncy balls the same way. They're incredibly beautiful! I love that I now have one in my purse.

happy to be in our front yard.
I get to hang out with this beautiful boy! He's so cool.

We made it through our first year of college and even made some really great friends. I recommend college to the world!

We miss you wall-ballers..