Monday, April 30, 2007

exam cram

I had a headache... but I had no time to rest. So I slapped an ice back to my head. poor drew... that boy never sleeps.


we've been hiding out in this room for the last week studying for exams. i have three tomorrow i haven't started on yet so this is all i can write.

a new blogger!

She's turned from the dark side and is about to delete her facebook! She's a blogspot girl now. Check her out.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

for tobes.

After some wall ball we surpised Tobi with a little going away party. She's heading back to Vegas and won't be back next semester. It's all very sad. We made her a collage of all of us, sang her "You're my sunshine" two times through, and then brought out the cake and told her how much we're all gonna miss her. Then we told her we were all going camping in her honor and we piled in the car for a very fun camping trip (my first!).

i love you tobi.

go camping. it's fun(!!!) just expect to freeze.

Friday, April 27, 2007

michael the kendall

so i'm down here supposed to be studying for my New Testament final tomorrow. my notes are out, my pen has ink and i've got plenty of blank pages to scribble on but i'm just not feeling it. hopefully i will soon (it's 10:28). i'm hoping the cure is to do a bit of blogging and then dive back in. so i was looking for a picture to blog and found this one of michael kendall and our feather mask to share with you all.

everyone, meet michael.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

bouncy balls!

TAKE 2 SECONDS to click this (or copy&paste)! It 'll make your day.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

thank you Papa!!

Thank you Papa for keeping our mail so exciting and sweet. The m&m's were a hit at wall ball... the official wall ball refreshment.... they were gone pretty quick. The dark chocolate m&m's were aMAzing. see you in only one week. :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

new flickr account!

I (Sienna) got a flickr since we could only fit so many on Kyrie's.

Just click here.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Ball to the Wall Tournament 2007

see Kyrie practicing behind Bethany...

Some of the teams... "You're Goin Down" -Sienna & David

"Da Bears" -Bethany & Michael

"Number One" (dan's shirt says "number" and kyrie's, "one")

"The Jocks" -Tobi & Scott

Pre-Party (aka: practice time)

goggles for protection

game time!

keepin' score

The guys on the floor are the ceiling refs. When the ball hits the ceiling it's a foul and has to be re-thrown.

Chelsey and Drew win!

Wall Ball Tournament Champions 2007
(their shirts both said "GO WALL BALL OR GO HOME")


Wall Ball is a game that started a couple months ago in Kyrie and my dormroom. Our room is really tall and skinny so it's the perfect sort of racketball court. Usually every Saturday night we get a game going but last night was the Championship so teams were organized many days in advance and matching team outfits were planned. Yesterday when our classes were over we headed down the mountain around 3pm and bought t-shirts, bubbles, goggles, ring pops and caution tape and at 7:30 the games began! Kyrie and Dan and Chelsey and Drew were the final teams. It was a close game but Chelsey and Drew (first time players!) pulled ahead by 2 and won the tournament 20-18.

Rules are as follows: (written by Michael Kendell)

1. Points are scored by a) catching the ball b) making the opposing team drop/not catch the ball.

2. Ball must hit wall opposite thrower, wall to the back of thrower, and no more. A triple-bounce results in a re-throw.

3. The line judge (guy lying on the floor with protective pillow) begins play by sticking two "thumbs up" into the air in-between each volley.

4. The Referee must stand on a chair and collaborate with the line judge to determine if ball makes it to the top of mattress. If ball hits front of mattress after two legal bounces, it is a re-throw. If it hits top, it is a point.

5. The points will be kept by two scorekeepers, one for each team.

6. If ball hits that retarded wooden bar and bounces funny, it is a re-throw.

7. If Mollenkof or Kyrie hits you in the face, you are allowed to hold a grudge as long as you want. Personally, I still haven't forgiven Kyrie.

8. Sheets must be stripped and shoes removed in order for play to begin.

9. The only music that may be played in the background are gangsta rap or techno. NO other styles will be accepted.

10. Profanity is accepted but not encouraged, unless of course Kyrie hits you in the face. If Kyrie hits you in the face, the most colorful string of expletives will earn the respective team the "spirit award". Stupid Kyrie...

11. Its a game, so mucho take it easy.

Friday, April 20, 2007


to my dear, eighteen-year-old friend jo:)
i'm going to have to do this whole birthday card via internet because i my bad mailing skills. but the bright side: now everybody knows it's your birthday. and birthdays are always better when more people know.

hope it's wonderful and climatic and exciting and everything that 18 should be. go crazy.

but not too crazy.