Friday, September 28, 2007

dance magic dance

Chalice is a magical creature...i'm sure of it. and today is her birthday. her 17th! so if you're in her vacinity tell her happy birthday. if your not, call her. if you don't have a phone write her an email. no email, send a letter. give some love.

chalice, wish i could be with you today. hope you do something special or something special happens. miss you miss you miss you. so happy your are my little sister. and hey, for one whole day we're a year apart. then i'll jump ahead to 19 on sunday. so sorry.

Monday, September 24, 2007

i heart the Geerlings (Elea's quirky/beautiful family)

carpets and dogs. two things i adore.
the ever-cheery micheal kendall and dpick.
bethany intentionally holding the poor dog awkwardly. cuddle that poor creature!dynamics. eric and his cell. elea's little sister. bethany talking to elea. and me observing from my spot on the floor.

pretty and well-behaved elea

eric was hungry. this is what he does when he's hungry. i'm sure you would do the same if you were as starving as he was.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

why sunset pictures are yesterday's news

originally uploaded by wheresthegiant.

today after a gospel-choir FILLED sunday the group (michael, sienna, eric, dan, bethany and me) headed over to Elea's home for some real parent-love-homemade-yummy food. the table was positively filled with bowls and baskets and pitchers and plates of good italian food. five different kinds of pasta, pesto, tomato sauce, bread and olive oil for that, fried egg plant and strawberry salad. so exciting. i love sitting on carpets and around dining room tables; both make me feel so comfortable and at home---even if I'm not actually in my home. and elea's parents were way chill and quirky people.

best part is, guys, that sienna took some pictures of the festivities so you might actually get to see us. if i can ever get that camera back from bethany, upload the pictures and download them onto this blog.

which i am highly motivated to do SOOO be on the lookout. no pun intended.

ps. wish you all could have experienced the power of 50 african-american voices filling the air in New City Fellowship today. words cannot describe. just wrote seven sentences about them and erased each one. You'll see for yourself someday.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

kARtooN kilter.

we were the Peter Pan gang...! I was gonna be nana but then found a pink tu tu and really wanted to wear it. so we had two tinks, a perfect peter, one pirate, two tigerlilly's, one indian, john, and a lost boy... and one dora the explorer.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

here i am, mom.

here I am, mom. I'm still here just buried a bit between 7:45 psychology classes and trying to spot Kyrie somewhere in the crowd. Between the dream of better coffee and mind twisting doctrine classes. Between New City's Sunday mornings and the pleasent-ness of kiko and vincent's new living room. Between the dear company of chelsey duble and comfort of daily chapels. Here I am trying to find my routine again. that pattern I was just beginning to uncover before summer swept over me. Here I am feeling as the whistle has blown each morning with the piercing beep of my alarm and the tiresome race begins. The clock moves faster in these September days. But they are full of dear people and mind stretching lectures. I am blessed to be here, happy too... and I'm grateful for you, 5 Talbot, for being my faithful fan base.

for all of you in school... these two things are for you.
2 things you should do on a study break:

1.) shake it down to KALA, m.i.a.'s newest cd of wonderfulness
2.) visit
It's like the artsy/cool version of ebay. braeness, you'll love it! look at their pendents.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday, September 09, 2007

for the mom

i gave sienna a call before i started my paper and thought i should take some pictures for my mummy since she just sent me an emailing me shaming my blogging abilities. apples are posatively the easiest way to go from clicking the photo to posting it. these were taken not more than two minutes ago.

it's sunday and it's been beautiful. got two avacados from Bilo and then went to Vincent and Kiko's new house to eat CHEESELESS pizza..which is the most beautiful thing since avacados. i can still enjoy the yummy-ness of the stuff without regrets later AND i don't like the greasy cheese much anyway. and i got to play with lowen's great little dog Finster who is a jack russel terrier and warms my broken heart (not really. just kidding! but it feels like it's broken when i get to play with a puppy. i realize i haven't loved that deeply or truely in a good while. do you know what i mean? no offense to all my good friends, okay?)

and i really want a low japanese table now! i don't see the point in tall ones. V and Keeks have a low one and it suits me perfectly. no sitting indian style uncomfortabl on one three feet off the groud. i can just nestle right into and low, wide pillow and eat in utter contentment. AND i'd save money on chair. cushions cost like 2 bucks (in some places. and that's where i'd go.)

alright. paper now. no more procrastinating.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

unraveling my mind so i can more clearly focus on my Doctrine reading

this week has been a whirlwind for me. early mornings (6:15!) and late nights with little or no breathing between. i'm not sure if this is a first-week thing or a rest-of-the-semester lifestyle. i'm hoping it's the former. reshaping my mentality is a rigorous activity. no more free evenings or joyously long lunches where i can revel in the goodness of a tomato sandwich. walking slow and not keeping a daily planner are such luxuries and i need to view them as such. that's what i'm in the business of doing right now: firmly bidding my summer goodbye and looking confidently ahead to the mountain in front of me. a mountain composed mostly of school textbooks, stubborn advisors, fluorescent lighting, class presentations, icy mornings, jarring relationships and my annoying overly analytical little mind. no looking back or living for the beautiful yesterdays. the future can be exciting and i know there is much to be learned and to grow from if only approached with the proper, open attitude. pray for my anxious spirit to settle into this place. i feel so discontent and flighty mostly all the time; ready to pack my bags at a moment's notice. but this is where i am right now. i need to get my heart here too.

i was flipping through my notebook today and came across a passage i had scribbled in varying sizes and fonts that made me smile: a joyful heart is good medicine. discontentment is a sickness sort of and the cure is a joyful heart. not joyful because it's saturday, not joyful because i have a perfect roomate, not joyful because i love my 4:00 class on wednesday and fridays or because it's raining right now but because i am a child of God and He is planning out my life step by step and knows exactly the reasons for each of my discouragements and heartbreaks and my painful minutes of utter confusion.

i need to stand on a rock.