Tuesday, December 25, 2007

she gave me a locket

i've never had a locket and have always wanted one.  i think they're such a whimsical piece of jewelry. not flashy or expensive; just meaningful and cute and totally personal. so now, whenever i miss sienna on campus ( you know if i haven't seen her in the last 30 minutes) i can open up my necklace and see her face. it's a beautiful idea.  just wish it could somehow fit seven faces.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

kool kiko

lowen came home yesterday with kiko and vincents christmas gifts!!! they were the first presents under our undecorated tree. kyrie and i couldn't wait until christmas morning...the suspense got the best of us. so we opened them round midnight after everyone went to bed. she made us these kool bracelits with burned messages on them and pretty dangly bird earrings... all handmade by my cousin: kiko takata howard.

(she's way kool)

thanks kiko and vincent!

Friday, December 21, 2007

dance magic, dance.

this daft punk video made it on pitchfork's top 50 videos of the year...i was watching bits and pieces of other favorites but this one had me the whole way through...and not so much for it's great footage (not quite sure why it got best video) but for it's hot beats. they had me moving and wishing i was there! it's long.. so just push play, turn up the volume, and do something around the house for 5 minutes.

then it reminded me of a precious commercial gap put out some years ago with juliette lewis and daft punk.

watch it. and dance around. then watch it again. and dance around some more.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

my lin came for a visit.
a christmas visit.

she's back from her new home in north dakota and it's perfect timing since kyrie and i are home and christmas time is almost here. her ben will be here on sunday but for now kyrie and i get to steal her company. her cheer and her glow will complete any christmas season and i'm so glad she can be a part of mine. I love these two pictures from her wedding and wanted to share them...

Monday, December 17, 2007

put the lights on the tree

Put the lights on the tree
Put the ribbon on the wreath
Call your grandma on the phone
If she's living all alone
Tell her Jesus Christ is here
Tell her she has none to fear
If she's crying on the phone
Tell her you are coming home
La la la la la la la
(-sufjan stevens)

mom's been decorating 5 talbot for christmas time. Pax, Chali, and her actually did it a couple days before kyrie and i got home. the night we got back after our 16 hour excursion from the mountain we walked into a home that i always seem to see with news eyes each time i return. I walk in the door and breathe it all in...jember's at my heels and pax is asleep on the couch. it's a home...my home...and even though it was only two and half weeks since thanksgiving something about that time made it a couple years. the trees around are home are magical. my home is so cozy. my mother is amazing. my father, so creative...my little sister, beautiful and pax so loving. he had beaded necklaces all wrapped and waiting for kyrie and i when we walked in. there are candles in the windows, garlands strewn about, twinkle lights in every room and a combination of sujan and amy grant's christmas songs play from the living room. mom has made this place a christmas haven...she has the touch.

this morning I thought to look up this sufjan christmas song on youtube and to my delight there was actually a video and very dear one at that. click
THIS to hear a refreshing christmas jingle that's been filling the howard home.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

back with chali-

exams are done and after a 16 hour car ride we are finally back with the family and the sisterhood has been reunited. well almost, we're still waiting for braebrae.

this video may be a bit on the obnoxious side to a few of you but but i love it alot and laugh that real kinda laugh every time... it's three of us, authentically unaware and in our element. we were on our way home from annapolis and the sirens started and instead of just going home we decided to follow the noise and smoke. and we taped the little excursion for some reason...

Thursday, December 13, 2007

"if you tuwn him tail, him wings fwap."
Pax said this when he was a little guy, when he still couldn't quite pronounce his r's and l's. We were at Mcdonalds and there was a dragon toy in the happy meal bag. I remember Aunt Pamela was there, Brae and Kyrie too. We never went to Macdonald's. Happy Meals were like Christmas Morning and the whole concept of a free toy with your meal was unbelievable. Pax dived inside the bag and his little fist emerged with this confusing looking toy that none of us could figure out how to work. We all fiddled with it until Pax, with his insanely cute voice and disposition, perked up and said "when you tuwn him tail, him wings fwap!!!" He was right. we turned the tail and those wings flapped... and all of you who didn't know Pax when he was a little guy, well, you really missed out.

I thought of that story when I found these prints by a philly artist on etsy.com. I sort of fell in love with them right away. I now want to go find some land, buy it and build myself a home and then go online, type in etsy.com and purchase these dear prints. And then maybe I'll them hang in my bathroom or maybe above the coat rack so people will see them when they walk in the door. maybe they'll look better on the left side of the mantle or somewhere in the kitchen. i'm not sure.

you should check out the rest of her work on ETSY though. click here.
(mrs. kate, I totally see these prints in your store...yeahyeah?)
and check out the rest of etsy while you're at it. it's a good little christmas spot.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


one more exam left and it's my hardest one... my motivation is slipping and my desire to play and be with chalice, pax, and my parents is growing stronger by the minute. but i need to focus and dive into doctrine.

so please pray that I will.

(kyrie and i both take our last one tomorrow at 10:30)

Monday, December 10, 2007

she wins. fair and square.
for 2007 Cutest Mother Award! Ashley Wingo...aka The mother I want to be (someday)! Ashley, (just for the record) i admire who you are and the way you love your children, your family, your home. I meant for this to be a "look how cute she is" post but really it's more then that. You are quite the role model to me... thank you for showing so many people what love is. your combination of godliness, creativity, and unswerving and eager devotion to zara, jude, and joel inspire me everyday. keep sharing...you influence and motivate the lives of more people then you know. i'm only one. love,sienna

Sunday, December 09, 2007

isn't she wonderful

chal & abbi, originally uploaded by wheresthegiant.

and a million other things. chalice danced in the nutcracker and i missed it! so ! upsetting

Friday, December 07, 2007

4S takes 1st place!!!

Wednesday night was Carter Christamas. 11 or 12 halls pick a theme and compleatly transform their hall... usually all the preparing starts days before. But our hall got together after dinner (2 hours before it started!) came up with a plan, divided and conquered... as best we could. The lamps kept crashing to the floor, the paper shredder overheated, the twinkle lights kept burning out, the mariah carey christmas cd wouldnt' stop skipping, the streamers wouldn't stick to the wall, our Mrs. Clause went missing, and we couldn't find a red hat for our Santa. The night was looking bleak and the hall next to us couldn't have looked better!!! it was so stressful... ! Somehow we managed to pull it together though... our theme was the North Pole and Santa's workshop.... Kyrie was a doll, I was an elf... and somehow we won 1st place (for the 2nd year in a row) and I can't believe it! (Bethany was "Homemaker Barbie" in that top picture)

Kyrie in the North Pole!

Police Barbie.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

my bacon bits.

"Friends are the bacon bits
in the salad bowl of life."