Wednesday, March 29, 2006

the mother bruise

speaking of liking bruises...

this ones not on the knee but nevertheless,
it's pretty darn impressive!

(the arm belongs to joanna murphy. )

but what's more impressive is how she got it:
practicing bow and arrow. (archery, whatever.)

(think susan from narnia)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

now i wish i could sing and dance

off to Toby's again with the grandiparents--this time we (chali and i) went to see " thoroughly modern millie" on sunday afternoon. (there was a school from Wyoming there !!)

these people's big, loud voices just blow me away. how can such a sound be bottled up inside one little tiny body??

this was a cute scene. all the girls came out all dressed in black, white and red with pig tails and tap shoes and they were sitting at these little typing desks. lots of clicking and cuteness and gliding around. twenties dancing is really adorable.

ah! i know. these photos are all pretty blurry but it cannot be helped. i felt the need to share this experience and i wasn't allowed to use flash. i had to make due..beside, i think the effect is kinda cool. specially in this one.

Friday, March 24, 2006

a yummy photo

i know, i know. it's spring time, not fall.
but i'm a sucker for bright, orange leaves. :-)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

a birthday girl

* * *Happy happy Birthday* * *
mommy dearest (!!!)
yes, it's the first day of spring !
and yes, i snowed.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

super hip girls and a coffee pot

This looks like the photo they would feature next
to the credits in the beginning of national geograhics
or something and then write a short summary of brae's
photography career.

kate weber in hong kong, baby/ is super cute

a photo i found, that i like.

patrick's day

sarah and me hanging out in the back of canvasback restruant on St. Patricks day, or night rather. i think's it's pretty late in this picture, like around 11:00. there was nothing else to do but sit on the big white freezer and wait for the crowd (the place was packed! 200 i think.) to leave so we could clean up everything (clear tables, reset tables, move tables back, clean up the bread staion..all the good stuff) , cause thats what busers do.

so we took pictures.
i love this picture of sarah. she be so pretty!
reads "Irish Drinking Team 2006"--i love it. it's so me.
sometimes pictures are just better in black and white. (usually when your face is real close to the camera late at night)

the classic hurry-up-and-take-the-picture face
me and roxanny

this picture was really dark before. had to lighten it. hence the strange lighting:-)

Saturday, March 18, 2006

its official

im officially giving this blog to kyrie--i cant keep up with her witty creative even beautiful posts. its too frusterating to attemp and fail miserably. soooo goodbye. hahaha -chal

Friday, March 17, 2006

note to self

" Friendships should always be highways that draw love out from us furthur and further, rather than walls and boundaries that bottle up our love and constrict it to small circles of self-interest. Look for ways to inconvience yourself in loving others. We simply need to have eyes for whats going on around us in order to see how we can lay down our lives for others and so love as Christ has loved us."
posted by kyrie

Thursday, March 16, 2006

strange animal

my cat is so strangely proportioned!! i didn't realize how much so until i took this picture

good ol' grendaline!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

the girl is gorgeous

i had made up my mind not to post for awhile.
thought i would give ya'll a break since i've been posting like mad these last few days

then brae sent me this photo and i had to share it !!!

she is my sister and she is beautiful! dang it!

Monday, March 13, 2006

do you have a scar on your knee?

i do not think i could love anyone
who does not have scars on their knees
from years and years

of tree-climbing
and bike-riding
and dog-walking
and swimming in creeks

and tripping down long flights of stairs.

because if you have no scars on your knees

then you have not
lived at all.

-gabby santiago

annie gave me this poem today.

she knows how much i love scars-- :-)

Sunday, March 12, 2006


i love my sister and her skirt.
praise God for sundays.
they're great.
just like my sister.
and her skirt.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

my photogenic home

posted by kyrie

The benefits of spring:

1. more sunshine coming through your windows. 2. an new abundance of green

3. more oppurtunities to free your feet (wear flip flops)
4. more blue skies (the very sight lifts my mood)
5. brighter, prettier clothing
posted by kyrie

happy dishes

it's always a satisfying thing to be finished with the dishes....

but more so today. :-)

something about the
happy colors
and sunshine bouncing off the whiteness
posted by kyrie

look look!

these flowers are always the first ones to bloom when spring arrives. and look! they've bloomed. !!

posted by kyrie

Saturday, March 04, 2006


this photo was taken by joel wingo. that must be said before i continue. ("give credit where credit is due"--the biggest thing i've learned in my english 101 class so far.")

i didn't know that such an amazing photo could be taken. this image excites and calms me. i love everything about it. the rustic yellow. the wires shooting forward. the gripping hand. the blurred, sunlight splattered trees. i love the contrast of the color going on.

i love it. i love photography. i love the abilities it gives.--to transform everyday images into amazing works of art. makes you look at things twice or in a new way. man i love it.

photography like this assures me of what i already know, life is beautiful.