Wednesday, January 30, 2008

comingsoon - noworries!

i got my hands on a camera so that means pictures will be coming soon. i just need time to upload and edit.
but just so you know, well just mother really. they're coming!


Tuesday, January 22, 2008


it snowed last thursday night and we hard-core played in it from about 9 to 2:30 in the morning thinking school would be canceled the next day! (sadly we only had a 2-hour delay) I don't think I've ever sled so hard in my life.... my body is still sore!

I do love the snow
but I'm starting
to itch
for the flowers and warm breeze of spring.
come soon spring.
come soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


we went to scott's on saturday night and it was (so) good to be with everyone again... we ooed and aaad at planet earth & watched a little human tetris on youtube, played some scrabble and feasted on quacamolie - avocados are back in season!!! little Wit is getting bigger, kicking like crazy and can hear our voices and dream dreams now!

my friends = the best kind.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

swept away

i got back home tonight around 7:30 and dropping my three heavy bags, I plopped down on my soft bed and buried by cold feet in blankets and wool socks. (it's freezing again and I walked bear foot all the way across campus cause the heels i was wearing all day were hurting my little toesies.) after returning jessie's shirts, browsing through bethany's photographs and returning chewy's iron I settled back into my room and facing my little white macintosh I wondered how I was going to memorize 150 Spanish words for tomorrow's class and write the rest of my book review. my eyelids felt like rocks. my sunday had been beautiful so far... a new city morning, lunch at the drexlers, a little uno
attack, miles davis' 19 minute track, a drive to makay's and even a double cheeseburger at mcdonalds with michael... homework just wasn't fitting in.

but then brae sent me a g-chat message with this song. and it swept me away. turned my mood around. my energy soared and my mind came alive. I wanted to be at this girl's concert... this girl named santogold. tonight wouldn't be that night but spanish suddenly didn't seem so bad and the book review would come together cause santogold would keep be company and keep my eyelids wide open!

i really love music.

(this isn't a music video but you can hear it. click this.)

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

colorado me

2008_0107yes0034, originally uploaded by E.R. Bushaw.

this is me snowboarding..well, on the lift getting ready to go back down the slope. don't i look happy? i wasn't always that happy, believe me. it's tough stuff learning how to board.!

check out eric's blog to see more snaps of CO. just got back yesterday from that place yesterday and had a wonderful time bouncing around in the mountains. such a different place than cambridge!

Monday, January 07, 2008

a ringing phone beside me

i walked into my room and took a deep breath with this half sort of smile. it was so beautiful ... everything neat and tidy and pictures and warm colors all around. i really have made a haven out of this little square of a room. carter 215. i plugged in my yellow and pink twinkle lights and pushed play to ingrid michaelson, unpacked just a few things and got in the shower. i can't figure out whether I'm happy to be back or not. break has left me content and peaceful and I am nervous to venture again into the world of alarm clocks and long tedious reading material. i'm scared I'll drown again in strings of writer's block sentences, the complexity of doctrine teaching, and the hustle of trying to fit in lunch somewhere between everything.

i'm lying on my bed trying to relax a bit, taking deep breaths about changing my schedule tomorrow. there's a couple of classes i need to drop and some i need to add and it's a bit crucial and the records office intimidates me and i just wish kyrie was sleeping with me tonight. but it's okay... because she will be back tomorrow and what a blessing this room is, this laptop, my bible and my shower and vincent and kiko and the multiple reunions of friends that have surrounded me today. i'm thankful and grateful the more I think about it for a nervousness because now I must trust God and I already feel his hand close beside whispering to be still. to know. he is able. these things are good... and what a blessing to spend this past week in south carolina, visiting friends and meeting good people, setting off my first firework and feeling the backfire of my first gun shot... what a happy week of many people and fellowship before school started back up, breathing in a healthy dose of reality. i am grateful right now and relieved to be sitting indian style on my bed right now with pink sheets underneath and a ringing phone beside me that says kyrie is calling.