Thursday, November 29, 2007

becoming more aware

i'm becoming more and more aware of my inabilities. It's humbling and it's exhausting. school is difficult and the future is intimidating. right now i don't know how to write. it's rather simple but i think i've forgotten how. I've feel like I've had this mental block for the last 2 months and i'm ready to be done with it. I haven't had many opportunities to write but when I do i always wish for a more interesting topic and dissapoint myself by what i produce. i long for my hands to dance furiously on the keyboard, awakening my tired eyes and leaving the coffee beside me to grow cold. I long to be inspired and to be lost in words and ideas again. But i'm buried in classes with reading i struggle to grasp and drowning in understanding a language not my own... (i forget that school isn't all enjoyable and much of it is a fight)

this morning I started a paper about Christ' act of redemption in our lives and his constant faithfulness to someone as unfaithful and wishful as I. I wish for all sorts of things and forget the incredible reality of love i live in. This afternoon as I sit in a small cubicle in the back of the library I have been reminded by an article i've come across that even in my struggles to understand my assignments and even in my anxieties of the future, amidst my tired eyes, mental blocks, and cold coffee... i am blessed that i live in a glorious reality of an unfailing love and under the intentional and watching eye of my creator...

"Why am I so blessed? I am blessed, because in the most painful moment in human history, Jesus willingly subjected himself to the rejection of his father....In this unthinkable moment of substitution, the Trinity was torn apart as the Father turned away from the Son. Now, here's what you and I have to understand; Jesus was willing to suffer the horrible rejection of his Father so that you and I would never, ever have to experience it ourselves." -Paul Tripp


my time in Atlanta

pictures now, words later.

these are from the Missions Conference i went to in Atlanta GA two weeks ago, by the way.

off to lunch!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

car time means photo time

thought i'd give you guys a glimpse of the back row of the van we rode home and back to school in. The ride home was 13 hours because of countless jams we got it. I didn't mind. That just means 13 hours i wasn't at covenant. We lost our minds, returned to sanity and then lost them again. I think the last two hours i laughed nonstop at nothing imparticular and had a pounding headache. Eric was suffering from a bad stomach ache in silence and sienna was curled up in a tight ball by the window, trying to escape from it all by talking to Liz Anne. oh the joys of car time!

returning hasn't been as horribly bad as i thought it would be. I've seen the smiling, fresh faces of my friends and already revised a paper, researched for another paper and written two paragraphs on my funeral for ceramics class. I'm making progress and i feel motivated. that is a huge blessing!!

thank you family for such a comfortable time at home. reassuring to know i've got such a sturdy, quirky and loving home base.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

home for thanksgiving.

leaving again in four hours.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

gingkos gone.

the wind blew strong last night and left the little gingko in our front yard without its leaves. they were so bright and yellow yesterday, attached beautifully to each baby branch of our three year seedling. it was sad when i looked outside this morning to it's naked branches but a pretty yellow circle of leaves decorated the floor below. papa wanted us to collect the good leaves and bring them in... who knows, maybe one will go inside some christmas cards this year and maybe your family will get lucky. maybe.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!
Kyrie and I got our pictures taken a couple weeks ago for our church's directory and they sent us all the proofs online. man! they crack me up everytime... they just sent us this christmas email encouraging us to order one for the family christmas card...
they've totally airbrushed them. funny funny.
get a laugh.
we did!

so corney! it's great...

Monday, November 19, 2007

we're going home tomorrow!
and our smiles are this big!
i just finished my last paper and kyrie's almost done her last mug...

happy thanksgiving everyone.
love, sienna & kyrie

Friday, November 16, 2007

a warm night

when tobi visited last weekend we all went out to this restaurant on Saturday night. the girls hadn't heard of it... we wanted sushi but the boys couldn't' afford it so we let them make the decision. scott came up with "Piece of Pizza" or whatever it's called. None of us had heard of it. THe boys were warmly acquainted though. we put up a little fight to the idea of pizza but gave in after serious hunger began setting in. We pulled into this place and the boys got out and started walking in and the girls just sat in the car for awhile thinking of other places we could go... it was so sketch looking! so not homey not cute looking. It looked loud and smoky and noisy kids ran around everywhere... we reluctantly went in after a little persuasion and all this to say our boys know how to pick a good restaurant. The pizza was SO wonderful... feta cheese and artichoke, thin crust with sun dried tomatoes! and the pictures make it look even more warm and wonderful then it actually was! i love pictures. enjoy.

i think this last ones really funny!!.. we weren't really this miserable. think we both had a headache or something and kyrie wouldnt' put down the camera.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

hi. welcome to room 405.
(aka: sienna's space).

Kyrie posted her room a couple days ago and I finally got around to taking some shots of mine...two doors down. I never say this but it's a mess! a big messymess! like record big. like mounds of clothes under, over, and on my bed, and spilling onto my desk big. like nasty spoons and used coffee filters littering the place big. like trash overflowing in the bathroom and dirty towels all over the place big. my poor room has been a bit neglected this semester but the twinkle lights and the coffee maker are still visible and that's enough for me...

kyrie made this(!)

(thankyou papa! :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Aren't they amazing!?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

dipped in moonshine

"If I had words to make a day for you
I'd sing you a morning, golden and new
I would make this day last for all time
Give you a night dipped in moon shine."

I wish I came up with that line..."give you a night dipped in moon shine". This is the song on Babe when he's singing in the house and dancing all around. I've been trying to get my hands on the dvd to watch that part again. It's one of those glorious scenes and one of my friends had it in her head the other night and we kept singing it throughout the evening. It's been stuck in my head ever since. The tune completes it... and that last line.

click HERE to listen.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

tobi came!

tobi dear flew all the way from vegas this weekend to come see the fam! The boys picked her up Thursday night and brought her back safely to 4th south around 4:30am... Last night was spent sipping coffee, sharing artichoke soup, listening to tales of drew and jonathan's train hopping excursions, climbing fences, creeping through construction sites...and finally returning to "The Cave" (the yearbook room) to mirror old times. weekends are really wonderful and even more wonderful are those rare friends that really resemble family more than any others...those friends who with their calming company and artichoke soup have woken me up when I've been asleep far too long and just refreshed and reminded me of what a blessing this mountain is. Sometimes I forget, actually a lot of times I forget and thats why it's so good to have friends who remind.

Monday, November 05, 2007

joys of music

taryn just sent me this photo from last semester on one of our taryn-eric-kyrie starbucks runs. i think we used to go monday afternoons and just hang out in the big study room that stretches between the main coffee shop and a parking garage next door. we'd bring our books and squeeze out a good amount of studying while downing our personally-designed starbucks drinks. once the minds were tired and the our cups empty or partly full of cold coffee we'd slide into easy conversation and leave our books abandoned on our laps or the coffee tables in front of us.

are things romanticized in retrospect? probably so. that's the beauty of it.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


I like this picture so much that i decided to post it again...
reasons i like it:

a. chali's insanely beautiful dress
b. brae's elbow swooping under Pax's chin
c. the SKY!
d. motherboat's pretty skin
e. the sandwhich of lime-kelly-lime combination
f. my stupidly over-excited face

reason i don't like it:

a. lowlow's missing

...and that's really ashame since today is his bithday and this happens to be the post I publish on his day...

Friday, November 02, 2007

the proof.

we're still alive. here's the proof.
this was last friday after a blackwatch disco dance... all sweaty and pasty! ugh. winter is setting in....
so fun though!