Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Break-ness
spring break is only one week away. i'm sure it will feel longer when wednesday comes around..when i get a feel for how slow days go by. right now, on monday, i'm feeling like it's tomorrow. no school, no great hall, no meeting eric in carter lobby cause of closed dorms, no more walking in the freezing cold with a very heavy back pack. we get a break from it all for a whole week. i'll miss my people but there wonderful-ness in that too.

maybe i'll come back with a few more freckles. oh the thought!
although i don't know how much sun colorado has to offer.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

my marian.

this is my little one, an amazing one, an inspiring and talented one, a kind and humble one, one of the most thoughtful ones in the world, a busy and beautiful one... this one is marian chalice. my little sister and i get to see her in 2 weeks. and this photo brings me so close to tears... (taken by annie huntington)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

i love waking up to flowers on my window sill.

what i woke up to. he picked out the vase himself. said everyone else was getting the glass ones but he didn't think they were cool so he got me this striped one. so cool! and sweet.

the note. i was very confused and looked over at the Overlook instead and couldn't see anything so i called sienna and she told me where to look: "open the window and look down."

what i found: he'd put together a sign that said "happy valentines day. dinner tonight?"this photo was taken the day after. it was perfectly intact when i saw it.

my beautiful flowers! never thought i'd be the type to love a dozen roses. turns out i definently am!

my valentine. yesss!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

hay, twinkle lights & dancing

Kyr & Hel, originally uploaded by jamesmurrayharrison.

Eric took me to a ho-down last night. i thought it'd be really dorky and i'd have a hard time getting into it but it turned out to be SO FUN! i was laughing pretty much the entire time. my cheeks hurt from smiling. it's such a funny type of dancing and really confusing with the "caller" guy telling you what moves to do in cowboy lingo and in a really thick accent. there's like 100 of us and one of him and none of us knew what we doing. everyone's just sorta banging into each other and getting really dizzy for the first like five minutes of each song (or through the whole thing).

we did the electric slide to "she thinks my tractor's sexy" song--yikes!! didn't realize it til the chorus came on and was suddenly like "what am i doing??"

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

don't mess

the more eighties skate nights come along the more i wish i'd been born alittle bit before 1988 so i really could've soaked up the whole leg warmer, neon color, crazy hair, bright makeup, big earrings, decorate-every-part-of-yourself-to-the-max thing. i'm starting to get the hang of it and it's a little bit fun.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

UNO attack!

Uno Attack!, originally uploaded by eleanor.ryan.
the group before eighties skate night. not our usual friday getup i promise (though it could become that. something thrilling about wearing all neon colors and everything besides a tshirt and jeans) i think i'm going to crimp my hair more often. nothing like a little texture in my flatter-that-flat hair. what you do guys think?

clockwise from top: karin, dan, sienna, sarah (new friend. owner of hair crimper) eric and me.

note: we have tons more eighties photo. just hold tight. they will come.