Tuesday, October 31, 2006

dance magic dance


checking my email in the library--2 unread messages!! beautiful words.
our school newspaper..so if you ever hear me refer to The Bagpipe, it's our paper not the musical instrument.
Liz Tubergen, Bethany, Sienna, Natalie and me are working on this project for the yearbook. instead of using the 'Lifetouch' photos shot earlier in the year, we're putting up black paper and shooting all the students again..with our cameras and with our style. today's our second day of shooting. Anyway, last week I made this flier to advertise for it. Regardless of the posters, however, people were still confused. The photos are turning out so well ! darn thrilling. i might post some.
i love autumn trees as much as night skies. autumn trees photograph way better. theres brilliant color going on here. !! bright reds and greens and oranges and yellows..all right next to eachother.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

theres just too little of

I took these a couple weeks ago when we Lowen stopped at bilo before heading up the mountain because lizanne wanted some icecream. Lizanne loves ice cream and that's something I really love about her. In this photo I had just finished telling her about a new ice cream called "cyclone" and how I'd seen the commercial for it and then gone to the grocery store with papa and he got me a bucket of it. It was just as good as it looked. I told her how they put oreos in (if it's cookies n' cream) and then they mix it up half way so there's still real big chunks..and it's called Cyclone and if you've never tried it before you must go to the store right now and buy some.

I got some coffee that night. Lizanne loves coffee too. I like that about her too. :)

Happy Extra-Hour of Sleep Day! :)

ice cream in hand!

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

them and their matching shoes

they've got matching shoes!
must be love.

ready for mardi gras..or club sparkle

sienna brought these masks back from new orleans with her. not sure where we could wear them besides our hall dance parties (aka club sparkle ) or something of the sort. arn't they fun though?

we tried hanging them on our wall but they were a bit scary. something about the eye shaped holes.

Monday, October 23, 2006

the library is a good place.

and beth orton is pleasant too. diana krall isn't bad either. i'm sitting in the library and i've listened to both. i've been here since 3pm and it's almost midnight. Tobi's beside me though and coffee and butterfingers (from my papa!) so i'm doing alright. i have to get back to my paper but i wanted to send this bit of advice, specially to soon-to-be-college students, out into the night's void:

don't wait until the last minute. don't do it, okay? just don't. make that decison now.

pray that i get this thing done too. it's due in 8 hours.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thursday, October 19, 2006

"The only normal people are the ones you don't know very well"

the last day of fall break found sienna, liz anne and me at Panera Bread studying. well, they studied, I drew and wrote letters and read from "Life of Pi" because my first semester has been kind and not given me very much homework or courses that are too difficult. I got french onion soup yesterday. that's big guys. without fail, i always get a brocolli cheddar bread bowl. yesterday, i stepped out of the box. arn't you proud? and it was yummy. i love soup and bread together--i just belong at panera bread. that place is straight up my alley.

and i caught up on my sketching homework. my sketchbook should have about 60 sketches but only has about 10. so i've been sketching my life away during fall break (drawing my jeans, my lotion bottle, sienna's camera, anything!) but still haven't got quite enough (at all!) why am i not worrying??

afterwards, we went to lowen's for dinner . Keith made the food. SO yummy! chicken and paste with pesto and salad. so good to have homemade food. it rained. i read. and talked. and watched some beck music videos. it was alex neff, liz anne, lowen, keith, sienna and myself. perfect way to end fall break.

ps. i don't know how the title pertains to the blog entry (except perhaps the last one) . just thought it was incredibly true and something i have come to realize in my eightteen years and something others should realize too.

the castle in the clouds

for all of you who don't know, Carter Hall, the building i live in at Covenant used to be a hotel called Castle in the Clouds (marilyn monroe actually had her honeymoon here).

anyway, it still is very much in the clouds. almost everyday here is like the pictures show. it's takes some getting used to but the effect is kinda nice. it definently helps get schoolwork done when it's cold and foggy outside (i know it's not fog, it's clouds but i can't say cloudy..that means something else.)

these pictures were taken over fall break when the clouds were particularly thick and lasted all day instead of just morning or evening.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fall break = over :(

and I don't want it to end.... 34 days until thanksgiving break!

Friday, October 13, 2006

look, chali!!

for all of you who don't know, family and certain friends of mine have been hooked on the show "So you Think you can Dance" that aired over the summer on wednesday and thursday at 8:00. it so thrills me to see people move to music. and believe me, these people can move. i love it--the show last night was a celebration of life.! woo hoo!

go to brae's blog to see their DANCE experience in Baltimore on Tuesday.

thanks to chali for telling us, once we were in the car and driving away, to go back and wait for them to come out. these pictures are taken at midnight..thats why sienna and me are lookin so darn gorgeous:) isn't it wierd though people? seeing me and travis in the same frame. i just love his look. he's got a lisp too that warms my heart. i was more star struck by Ivan than with Bengi. I coudn't stop smiling when Ivan came around and then suddenly i looked up and Benji was like two feet away. i was like "oh hi Ben, where's travis??" He was really funny..just stood there joking around with Alison and Demetri..almost unaware of this huge mob of people armed with cameras and sharpees. Heidi is really as sweet as she seems. When i asked for a picture she was like "ofcourse girl!" Donielle..um, not so much though she did cooperate. Alison and Martha are really really gorgeous in person, ecspecially Martha. i don't think the camera picks her up real well but she's really stunning in person. Natalie has slipped into the celebrity life a bit too fast..a bit snubby. Demetri, i didn't even mean to get a photo with him. he was just there taking photos with other girls and sienna was over there and i was between them and so i was like "can i get a pic real quick?" and tada! me and the gorgeous european man.

my favorite dance was "sexy back" with that runway theme. not really sure i can express how much i love it here.
and i didn't realize how good Ivan was until last night. i love that boy and his moves. ! They make me so happy. the white boy's got it going on!

woo! alright. class time. back to reality.

caught in the hype. :)

us before the show started

the opening dance!! bam.

girls we found who were really really funny. liked them alot. stood next to them when we were waiting for the dancers to come out. dressed like geeks in honor and travis and benji's dork dance.

sienna and i really excited. this was right after chalice told us not to leave and go back cause the dancers should be coming out for photos and stuff. woo hoo. ! basically, this is sienna and me waiting for travis.