Saturday, January 28, 2006

He was mark. She was denise.

the inscription on the back: to my sweet sister denise, (my mom's name prior to her meeting my dad)
without whose love and prayers,
i most surely would be swept under
by discouragement.
you are a light to me (and many others).

love, m. damien

She's all dressed up

chali's winter formal at countryside christian school

The way things used to be

brae & lowen (being inventive with his sword placement)
sienna, chal & kyrie (with ear-warmers that i think we still have around here somewhere)
aubren sienna in grandma's tree. i don't think she could smile any bigger. that's the limit, right there.
kyrie, chalice & sienna. back when head bands were like money since we had did have some bangs

sienna & kyrie getting our picture taken by our daddy.

nothing like brothers

richard, russell, roger, robert, ronnie, alan... and my mom.

this is a classic.

Sunday, January 22, 2006


" We need to cultivate in our hearts
the same hatred of sin God has. Hatred
of sin as sin, not just as something
disquieting or defeating to ourselves,
but as displeasing to God,
lies at the root of all holiness"

-Jerry Bridges

"the cheat sheet"

well she is here. the long-awaited, long-anticipated howard, card. i guess i can't, in all honesty, say it is a christmas card or a new years card since we are fast approaching february.

see, we've planned this idea for some years now. 2005, we thought, would be the year of "the photo booth xmas card". on one excursion to ocean city this summer, we all got our photo strips done (at the beloved photo booth machine.). november wiped out our head designer and so the whole thing was postponed and very nearly forgotten.

production started up again a week ago. and now you have before you the result of much deliberation and perserverence. victory incarnate.


you just may find one in your mailbox.

posted by kyrie

feelings of persecution

annie passed me a note in school not too long ago. she had written out a funny quote on it. Something she had found in her PACE. it went something like:

"Lack of sleep can cause feelings of persecution"

and while the choice of words is extreme the message is true!

i was trying to figure out why my outlook on life was so grim this morning. i was trying to understand why i thought everybody was mad at me. why did i feel like sliding back in to my bed and curling up into a ball forever?

i found it out this morning. i can not deal with too little sleep.

sleep improves your quality of life. --in that i am a firm believer.

posted by kyrie

Thursday, January 19, 2006

pieces of us

me and my new bangs (!!) well, new you to you guys (sienna, lowen and brae). i've had them for about two weeks now. linnea's handiwork--the only one i trust to do it right.

he's still at it--!

chal at the salvatores

grendeline!! love this thing.
jember's getting better at posing for the camera.

ah, i don't have the energy to write much tonight. but these are for you sienna, since you asked:)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


This is jake. kyr and i have been watching him a couple days a week after school for a little over a year. he is my absolute favorite child to babysit; hes just such a beautiful child and sooo easy and fun! i just love jake silva. and just when hes starting to say my name and talk and walk and run their movin to CALIFORNIA!! so its very tragic and ill miss the silvas alot.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


i cant even begin to comment on this...
i posted it for all of you to be able to laugh!!
what is that thing??

Monday, January 09, 2006

its a dang beast!!

sorry pax, thats what happens when you leave your cell phone on the floor, eli; what a dog!!
heres the funny part; this phone is still entirely funtional even with the screen gouged out and half-inch teeth indentations ...ring sounds a little uh, fuzzy? looks like hes been dodgin bullets from the looks of the front.
(this pic doesnt even show the real extent of the damage, imagine that!!)

Sunday, January 08, 2006

"father mother sister brother, that one is my other brother" -hop on pop, dr. suess

It's worth getting excited over

one word: bam.
something about these heels is very appealing to me. i feel like if i had these, i would wear them all the time,even though i tend to be a flip-flop\ugg boots kind of girl. just hip.

this blue dress wins all. epitome of lovliness.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

it's a game

can you find pax?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

back to reality

school started again amidst all the rain, grey skies and freezing wind.

how fitting.

Monday, January 02, 2006

welcoming 2006

new discovery: white eyeliner makes eyes look smaller
Tink&winter\rainbow\princess fairy