Monday, March 24, 2008

jump little children
this is what me and sienna did for
easter break.
well part of it.
we also ate good southern food, played ping pong (spankpong), went for walks, ate ice pops, watched way to many episodes of lost, laid in the sun, slept in late, wrestled on the couch, napped, played with rabbits (taught my rabbit how to play dead in my arms. endlessly funny) and just good old time at the Kendal house. it was such a summertime weekend.

got to michael's flickr to see more jumping shots :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

dress up time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

i can feel it

Spring is creeping up. today and yesterday are the first warm days here at covenant in a forever long time and i'm loving it! although my wardrobe isn't learning how to catch up. it took me an hour to get dressed today and i was still uncomfortable with myself. I was burning up in drawing class and shivering on the way back to my room. and when walking down to the mailroom i wasn't sure whether to stop and stand in the warm sunshine or run for the door because the breeze was shooting up my sleeves and through my jeans. My body always takes a beating during these transition times.

but it's oh so worth it.

(these are my two friends, helen and lisa, peeking out of their bedroom window for james)


everyone can carry on except for we two
this post is mostly for mom.
but also for the rest of you
who want to know what i did
with my week of break.

There arn't many photos but hopefully
enough to satisfy the mother.
They're all on Eric's Flickr site:

ps. i'm not sure why i wrote this entry in poetry form.